Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day On the Job - Becoming a Personal Chef

Whew! What a busy... fun... filled day.

After a full day I can relax and know that everyone around me has great food to eat.

Hannah's Food Journey has taken yet another turn. What has happened most recently? I am starting to cook as a personal chef. I am really enjoying it because I get to cook more and I get to try out more ideas and recipes!

This morning I went to the store to get the needed groceries, then back to the kitchen to cook Squash Casseroles, Chocolate Chip Muffins and Hummus.

 This afternoon, I had a great trip with my dad to go shopping at a local used bookstore for cookbooks! I lost track of time as I buried my nose in countless cookbooks getting many ideas. To finish the day I headed home to fix dinner and get stuff ready for tomorrow morning's first food delivery!

Aside from the actual cooking part of it, I am really getting to know the people. Everyone sits down to three meals everyday. Anything I can do to make mealtime a more exciting experience for the diner is thrilling to me.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I will be making many menus, plans and lists for the upcoming weeks. As I add more people to my lists I stop and wonder... how did I get this privilege?

Even though I had a busy day, it was a great day as a personal chef!

Need some extra nutritious meals? Email for details.