Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aqua, H2O, Water.

Water. It covers seventy-one percent of the earth. Our food is grown by it. Animals cannot survive without it. Many things are powered by it. We become so used to it and do not realize how much our lives revolve around water.
Water is relaxing and frightening. People spend countless vacations doing nothing but going to lakes, rivers and the ocean.  However, in an instant, a storm can rise and cause people of differing background and types to work together in saving lives from the dangerous waves and currents that so easily surround them.

A Chef cannot cook without it. Although plain water may not be used in the recipe, the food that is used, the meat that is cooked, the ingredients being mixed, could not exist unless water had been there. For the plant, for the cow, whatever it might be. Our lives cannot exist without water. In fact, a person can only live a few days without water.

Why is it so important? Our bodies are made up of sixty percent water. It is essential to life. Every day people draw water from wells to sustain themselves. Some dipping buckets in wells, others by turning on the faucet. However, in drought or in dire circumstances, the well can go dry. It is then that we realize how much we need this essential ingredient to life. Are you thirsty yet?

In John four, we read about when Jesus went to Jacob’s well. He was weary from traveling. When we are weary, hot and tired, there is often only one thing on our mind. Getting water. This particular day, God had a unique plan that would satisfy several kinds of thirst. Along came the Samaritan women and He asked for a drink. Water that she had to draw out everyday for nourishment. She most likely came to the well for water daily. Jesus in His sovereignty knew that she needed more than the water that pooled in front of them. He offered her something she had never seen before, something that she could not live without. Living water that would give her eternal, everlasting life.

Every day the Christian draws from the well of living water to sustain and keep them. Just as we daily depend on water on earth, so me must daily depend and drink the living water that Christ has given to us. We cannot live without Christ, our living water, our life and our sustenance. He is a part of everything in life! Christ offers more than just water for us physically, He provides living water. The woman came to the well that day to get something. She returned with more than she was planning on getting. She excitedly shared what she had gotten. This day was different than the others because she had experienced water that would not leave her thirsty. Now, no matter what, the living water in her life would never grow dry. Praise the Lord that we will never thirst again!