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          This book is written for the busy mom, but reaches out to anyone and everyone looking to gain support in living healthier lives. Read through stories of transformation and learn recipes of delicious success from 30 professional Health Coaches all around the world. You're a busy mom. You don't have time to eat unhealthily. You need all the energy and vibrancy possible to raise your children. Loving yourself first is vitally important before we can give to others, and it has much to do with the way we treat our bodies. This book will leave you packed with ideas and recipes that are mostly raw AND gluten free. 

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In this cookbook, I share my popular black bean brownie recipe! Read the story of how a big kitchen disaster turned into one of the best recipes.

*60 Family Friendly Recipes

*30 Health Coaches

*Lots of stories

*Many Raw and Gluten-Free Options

60 Family Friendly Recipes for $14.96 

Here is what people are saying about this book:

I love this book! Just had a baby and it's helping me eat/cook right... There's only so much time in the day and this makes life a little easier.-Sophia

I chose 5 STARS because I absolutely LOVE this book! Its good for busy Moms or anyone who would like to learn how to cook, eat healthy and have it taste so GOOD!!! The recipes are truly awesome and I cant wait to start cooking!! Each chapter addresses a different way to have a healthy relationship with yourself as well as food!! I really liked this book!-Mary

As a nurse practitioner and health coach (not one of the contributors) I appreciate having this wonderful, colorful, easy to read resource to offer my clients. The 30 health coaches each share a chapter, briefly sharing the successes of their own personal health and nutrition history. Stories about their experiences, while imparting morsels of valuable information and tips on nutrition and tasty recipes, that will benefit the health of each member of the family. Should resonate among busy moms/parent!-Susan

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