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Guest post! Food To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

Food To Avoid When You’re Pregnant 

by Wilhelmina Ryan

Food To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

Life is full of transitions. From finding a job to getting married to having a baby, we are constantly faced with change. Avelist is a website where people can go to navigate these life transitions by learning from people who’ve been there before.

Becoming a mom is one of the biggest changes a person faces in their life. Working at Avelist, I see moms use our platform to ask each other questions and give advice all the time. I’ve noticed that a lot of expecting mothers are concerned with their diet. A lot is said what they should be eating during their pregnancy, but what about what they shouldn’t?

Pregnancy is the only time in your life what you eat directly affects another living being. When you become pregnant your immune system weakens making you more susceptible to food-born illnesses. Women who contract food poisoning are much more likely to experience pregnancy compilations or even a miscarriage.
So pay attention – this is important stuff!

Most Important Food Warning:
One of the biggest concerns for pregnant women is avoiding foods contaminated with the bacteria listeria. This bacteria is one of the main culprits of food poisoning and is found in unpasteurized products such as soft cheeses and fresh juices. It can be also found in deli meats or undercooked/raw meat. Listeria has the potential to be fatal to your baby, so if there is even a question the answer is always better safe then sorry!

Common Myths:
Just as important as what to avoid, is knowing what pregnancy diet myths to not buy into.

The first myth is that pregnant women should eat for 2. While technically you will be providing nourishment to both you and your baby during pregnancy, this does not mean you should double your caloric intake. This in fact can be harmful to your pregnancy. It is advice that women should only increase their intake by about 300 calories during the second and third trimesters.

The second myth is that the foods that pregnant women crave are always a reflection of their nutritional needs. False. Pregnant women will crave all sorts of strange foods many of which are not healthy options for their babies. It is important to be mindful about making quality choices about your pregnancy diet instead of merely listening to your cravings.

If you want to learn more about eating healthy during your pregnancy and specific examples of what foods to avoid, check out this full list of What Not To Eat When Pregnant!

Today's post was brought to us by a guest blogger Wilhelmina Ryan. Thank you Wilhelmina for these great tips!

About Wilhelmina: 

 Wilhelmina Ryan works in the marketing department of Avelist. Avelist is a platform that moms can use to share tips and recommendations with each other.

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