Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bark-A-Liscious, your dogs have been waiting for this

Bark-A-Licious, created by Judy Foster, is an all-natural, homemade dog biscuit business located in Rochester, New York. Judy’s unconditional love for animals inspired her to start Bark-A-Licious, in hopes to make the pups who enjoy her treats that much more healthy. Judy graduated from Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy from the Culinary Arts Program in February 2015. Escoffier was part of her journey.  Judy wanted to make sure she was formally trained in culinary methods and cooking before starting the business.  Her experience in the kitchen and love for cooking is what sparked this new, local business. Judy is also certified in food safety by ServSafe. This was also an important part of her cooking journey.

Judy is currently taking the Healthy Baking program classes through Escoffier to learn more about different healthy food options and to incorporate into her biscuit choices.  The future holds a potential gluten-free biscuit option.

Want a treat?
Now there are 6 different options of biscuits dog owners can choose from Bark-A-Licious.  When putting the list together Judy thought about what dogs would like for a more standard biscuit but also “dessert” type biscuits. The more standard biscuits contain a combination of homemade chicken stock, oats, and whole wheat flour. The dessert types contain any of these items from honey, peanut butter, to bananas. Judy learned to make the chicken stock through her training with Escoffier.

Bark-A-Licious biscuits are enjoyed not only by dogs, but ferrets, and even humans! Her treats are healthy, all-natural, preservative free, and of course, tasty!

Consider ordering Bark-A-Licious biscuits.  They are becoming more and more a household treat for many dogs.

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Healthy never tasted better

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