Monday, April 14, 2014

Cupcakes... Third Time is Perfect!

I was thrilled to know I could help out a friends bake sale by making cupcakes to help raise funds for a missionary's upcoming trip.
Knowing these cupcakes had to turn out, I was feeling the pressure but it was thrilling. I decided to stick to the recipe I made with my friend hoping I could get them to turn out as good as they did that day when she had me over to her house. 

First, I got out all the needed ingredients. I saw that I didn't have any milk. How could I NOT have milk? That's what I got in trouble for before. Trying to use powdered milk didn't work previously so  I definitely was not going to risk it again. After rushing to the neighbors to get the much needed milk, I was already realizing what an adventure this was going to be! Who knew cupcakes could be so adventurous. 

After a very tedious process of making sure I didn't miss any of the essential techniques that my friend taught me, I put the cupcakes in the oven. The batter was amazingly perfect. Now to just wait and see what happens. It seemed so backwards to bang the pans of with filled batter to get the bubbles out of the cakes. I always thought you had to be so careful with batter to keep it from sinking.

I set them in the oven and waited... 

and waited. 

Half way through they looked barely cooked but I still turned them around in order to not get to browned on one side.  

After letting them bake the 20 minutes, they needed a bit more time so I patiently waited until the toothpick came out perfectly clean. 

They sat on the cooling rack and I decorated them the next morning just in time to go to the bake sale. I was so thankful my cupcakes finally turned out! They are perfectly spongy and yummy. 

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting:

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