Friday, April 18, 2014

Superb Spice Shop Trip!

The adventure for today was to go to a local spice shop and look at spices. My friend and I spent an hour and a half just looking at spices and herbs. Smelling and tasting, we carefully choose the perfect spices to enhance our upcoming dishes. I would highly recommend Savory Spice Shop. I had a blast and will definitely be going back soon.

I am most excited about a pomegranate molasses that I got. It will be perfect for putting in an icing for some cupcakes. Finding a really yummy looking recipe the other day, I wanted to get the perfect spice for it. It is a caramelized coffee chicken dish. I got a bakers brew mixture with coffee sugar and cinnamon. I can hardly wait to try it. The recipe is on the Savory's Spice Shop website. 

As I think about what I got, I can only imagine how my dishes will improve with higher quality ingredients. Yum! 

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