Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cupcakes... second attempt

A dear friend of mine who is a experienced baker invited me over to her house to learn more about the technique of baking cupcakes. I was thrilled to go and learn more so I packed up and spent the day watching learning and tasting. It was fascinating how you can take a recipe and turn it into something that amazing just by altering a few basic techniques.

A few of the many things I learned that day were...

  • Always start baking with ingredients that are at room temperature
  • Sugar is considered a wet ingredient since it is usually mixed in with the eggs
  • When adding butter into the dough, cut it into tablespoon pieces and add each slowly till it is completely combined
    • If a batter is too crumbly, it doesn't need more liquid, it needs more fat. Add butter
  • Measure everything very carefully (scrape off extra flour with a knife)
  • Sift all dry ingredients unless otherwise noted
    • Metal strainers are perfect sifters
  • Halfway through baking, turn the cupcake pan cautiously to prevent to much browning or baking on one side
  • Tap filled cupcake pans on a flat surface to eliminate bubbles. 
I really enjoyed the process of the new techniques and I plan to practice them until I can successfully make cupcakes that are light and fluffy like the ones we got to enjoy that afternoon.

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