Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A bit on garnishes

You can cook a meal that tastes good but doesn't look appealing and no one will really enjoy it. However, if you just take a few extra minutes... You can turn any dish into a beautiful fragrant dish by adding just a few simple garnishes. 

Here are just a tips on how to garnish for success:
-Make sure you have a contrasting color and texture than the main foods on the plate. 
-Make sure it is something that will add to and inhance the flavor of the dish. 
-Always plan ahead and have your garnishes ready before the plate goes to the table. 
-take precautionary measures to insure that the garnishes on all the dishes of the meal are different. It doesn't look very appealing to have a spring of parsley on the steak, mashed potatoes AND vegetables. 
-Another thing you can do is cut or slice an ingredient of the dish a different and unique way that draws more attention to the dish. 
-Most of all... Get creative and be different!!

I dressed up a simple bowl of granola by cutting a strawberry in a decorative manner. Ta Da!

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