Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cupcakes...first attempt

I have decided that cupcakes should be my dessert specialty. They match my personality in every way. They are cheerful, fun, exciting and more versatile than ever imaginable! 

For my first attempt, I wanted to make carrot cupcakes. I know it isn't a typical batter, but that is my dad's favorite cake so I went with carrot. I actually didn't think they would turn out... but they did! I made a simple buttercream vanilla icing and they were done very quickly. They are light fluffy and very cute. 

I really like the silicon baking cups, it makes clean up so much easier and cost efficient. 

Unfortunately, with only a few people... I can't be making dozens and dozens of cupcakes, I can only do a few at a time because we have so many leftovers. I really wanted to make vanilla cupcakes just to see how they would turn out the first time. I found a recipe for two cupcakes only. I thought that would be a good compromise instead of having to many. Just for fun I filled them with a cherry jelly after coring the middle and then put the same buttercream icing from the carrot cupcakes on top.  The vanilla cupcakes turned out very satisfactory. 

Cupcakes are so much fun. I am so happy! 
I am looking forward to making more soon!

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