Saturday, March 22, 2014


I had a blast making the spring rolls a few days ago, but I knew I could improve a lot overall with the technique. It is a tricky process to yet everything ready at just the right time before the rice papers become to sticky. 

I decided to give it another try, and instead of spring rolls, do sushi. Sushi has to be packed tighter, and stuffed with more color contrast. The rice also has to go all the way around the food. Thankfully this stabilizes the food better when you cut it open!

To start, I cooked a salmon burger. Personally I don't really like raw fish a lot, so I went with cooked. After crumbling the salmon, I put the carrots in the fish pan just for a second. I chopped some spinach I had on hand, and my Mise en Place was ready! I found it easier to focus on a beautiful presentation by softening only one rice paper at a time. That way it was ready when I needed it, and the others like before didn't get to soft and sticky to soon. 

The final product was not only beautiful, but easy to eat and totally scrumptious. I ate these with just a few drops of soy sauce on them. 

I am really looking forward to making homeade sushi again soon!!

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