Friday, March 14, 2014

How in the WORLD do you organize a WORLD of recipes??

After spending many years with recipes in various formats and types, I had a dear friend recommend to me a website that organizes all your recipes, and not only that... It changes the way your kitchen functions. It does take a little while to get used to, but the amount of time you will spend UNORGANIZED, will amount to SO much more! 

What is the website? 

You can easily import your favorite recipes from the most popular food and entertainment websites out there with just a few clicks. If you want to manually import a recipe, it is easier than you think! 

The best thing I like about it is that ALL of your recipes are in the same format and right there at any computer or techy device no matter where you are! 

Here is a quick look at my homepage...

One thing that makes finding a specific recipe your looking for easy is the tab feature. Let's say that I am importing a chicken enchilada recipe. I would want to categorize it into something like chicken, cheese, Mexican, southwest, summer, etc. I try to make as many possible categories as possible because that gives me more search results later when I am trying to find that recipe. That way if I don't remember the technical name for a dish, I can still find it by searching for "Mexican Chicken dish."

Below is an example of the menu feature. You can combine recipes to make your own personalized menus! This is truly the beauty of 

All you have to do is click to add it and title your menu. If I want to make a Light Greek Lunch, then I add that menu to my shopping list, and I have a list of ingriedients right there on my iPhone telling me exactly what I need for my salad, olive dressing and flatbread. With this simple system, I always have just what I need and nothing wasted!

Here is a shopping list organized by store section which makes going through your local superstore even faster!

I hope you find pepperplate to be as useful as I have! Let me know how you like it :)

It saves me so much time. If I want to half a recipe, then I hit the 1/2 button and all my measurements recalculate. I can even triple the recipe or more! You can even easily share all your stunning recipes via email Facebook and many other media channels. 


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